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Benzoil is a waste to product specialist with particular focus in hydrocarbon based waste and is a value partner of Evoro

Benzoil utilises the collection and processing facilities of Evoro to accept
• Oil and oily water
• hydrocarbons from tank bottoms
• brake fluids and specialised lubricant waste
• coolants
• Fuels

The partnership works together to:
• Assess and Test the waste products received to confirm the composition and contaminants. A critical step
• Where the waste has no inherent value, Evoro lawfully and appropriately treats the material and use the calorific value to recycle the waste as high calorific value fuel for thermal plants
• Where the waste can be recycled Evoro purifies the products to an appropriate standard stipulated by Benzoil.
• This enables Benzoil to take the refined Oils, Hydrocarbons or Glycols back as products recycling or resale.

“Our partnerhip with Evoro is critical to our operations and where possible, ensure we contribute to the circular economy”