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Asset protection, less down time and environmental responsibility

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EnviroChoice – a division of Evoro provides a wide range of
industrial services for businesses that need critical asset protection.

When you need help, we are there. When you need a solution, we’ve got you covered. Our highly dedicated team have a “can do” attitude and approach. Our focus is and always will be on serving our customers with the best solutions in the most timely and effective way. These services contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable industrial landscape, while ensuring optimal performance and compliance with environmental regulations

Non Destructive Digging – NDD

NDD is the safe alternative to mechanical digging allowing our customers to excavate without damaging underground utilities. Smart, safe, effective.

Graffiti Removal

Removing and protecting against graffiti is one of our core competencies. We will deliver the most effective outcome for you and continue to protect your services through our state of the art methodology. Graffiti a problem? Sorted

Mining and Resources

When any business has a spill, they need it cleaned and resolved quickly and effectively. We have dedicated spill teams, trained and experienced in just about every spill type. We take an environmentally responsible approach to spill clean ups and the subsequent disposal of the waste. Got a spill? We’ve got it sorted.

High Pressure Clean and Capture

Keeping your assets clean and in pristine condition is an investment in the future of your business.

Our approach to surface cleaning utilizes high-pressure water jets that remove stubborn dirt, grime and contaminants from a wide range of services. This approach not only ensures the cleanliness and visual appeal of your assets but helps maintain performance and longevity of your assets

And of course, our environmental commitment is evident in how we capture and contain dirty water and send it to treatment facilities. If your physical assets are looking a little worse for wear, try our High pressure clean and capture

Road Asset Maintenance

We are the best equipped and most reliable asset maintenance partner. We take a solutions based approach coupled with incredibly high standards that have resulted in long term parternships with key organisations.

We are the trusted partner for multiple municipal councils when it comes to professional guardrail installation and maintenance services. With a team of industry experts dedicated to safety and compliance, we deliver exceptional solutions that meet the rigorous standards of the public sector.


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