Emergency and Spill Response

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We operate a 24/7 Emergency & Spill Response team and operation.

Our Services

Evoro is Ready Around the Clock

We provide immediate service and have experienced staff trained to deal with even the most hazardous chemical spills. 

Time is a critical factor to ensure that the spill is an inconvenience rather than a disaster. We are fully EPA licensed and can advise on the most appropriate course of action for your particular situation.

Our process has been tried and tested:

  • Immediate identification of chemicals and hazards
  • Rapid containment of the spill by expert team of responders
  • High-pressure cleaning including removal of all waste
  • Disposal of contaminated material compliant with EPA regulations

If a spill occurs, expert assistance is vital.

Our team understands the meaning of the word “urgent”, and we are equipped to handle emergency spill cleanups swiftly and efficiently. You can rely on our expertise and responsiveness to address any waste management challenges your business may face, providing you with peace of mind and minimizing potential disruptions to your operations.

Not only do we manage spills, we also have the capability to run large scale projects such as clean ups from fires or other disasters.


Licensed to provide advice and works


Response to urgent spills


Get it sorted

On time, every time

Our commitment to our customers is summarised in our mantra “we get it done”. What this means in practice is when you have a need, we have a practical solution. And that solution will be completed on time, every time.


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