Hazardous Waste Treatment

Smart and effective treatment of hazardous waste while minimising its impact on the environment and contributing to the circular economy


Bespoke waste management

Our goal is to deliver tailored solutions that contribute to the circular economy and generate outstanding outcomes for our customers

To achieve this, we have assembled a team of industry-leading process engineers, chemists, and operational experts. They work together to redefine the waste management cycle, approaching waste as a potential source of reusable products. With their expertise, our technical team of chemical experts can assist you in every step of the waste management process, from identification and consolidation to transportation, disposal, and recycling. Rest assured, we have years of experience in managing hazardous waste and ensure compliance with all environmental and chemical regulations.

Our range of services covers a wide spectrum, from high-risk chemical neutralization to oil recycling and specialised services for coolants and glycol.

We understand the critical nature of this area and go to great lengths to put you and your business at ease.

Being licensed to receive and dispose of various waste operations across all industries we have the capability to manage a diverse range of chemicals and hazardous waste. These include glycol and coolants, sludges & powders, domestic and commercial grease, muds, concentrated acids, alkalines, oils and various industrial washwaters.

One of our key strengths lies in our dedication to research and development (R&D). By focusing on R&D, our technical team can develop treatment solutions even for the most notoriously difficult waste streams, ensuring we stay at the forefront of the industry.


Diversion of 95% of waste from landfill from our Laverton Treatment facility


Remarkable purity of 90% in glycol from waste glycol received


Glycol processing capacity of an impressive 400,000 litres per month


Four EPA licensed facilities ensuring our operations meet the highest standards

Licensed and safe

Safety is paramount to us and we prioritise strict adherence to Occupational Health and Safety protocols. We are committed to providing and maintaining a safe environment for our employees, customers and the communities we serve.


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