Industrial Services

Industrial and civil services play a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency, functionality, and safety of various industrial facilities.

Industrial Services

Our diverse range of services is designed to solve most industrial waste challenges.

When you need help, we are there. When you need a solution, we’ve got you covered. Our highly dedicated team have a “can do” attitude and approach. Our focus is and always will be on serving our customers with the best solutions in the most timely and effective way. These services contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable industrial landscape, while ensuring optimal performance and compliance with environmental regulations

Non Destructive Digging

We employ state-of-the-art equipment that combines high-pressure water jets and a powerful vacuum system. This dynamic duo allows us to precisely break up soil or debris without causing any damage to underground infrastructure.

Whether you need to locate utility lines, dig trenches, or perform sensitive excavation work, our skilled technicians will complete the job with precision and care, leaving your property intact and free from unnecessary disruptions.

Experience the benefits of experienced non-destructive digging with Evoro.

Trust our expertise to handle your excavation needs with the utmost efficiency and safety. Contact us today and say goodbye to the risks associated with traditional excavation methods.

Embrace a smarter approach that guarantees minimal disruption and maximum results.

High Pressure Clean & Capture

This is a methodical approach to surface cleaning that utilises high-pressure water jets. This technique effectively removes stubborn dirt, grime, and contaminants from a variety of surfaces, including floors, walls, building facades, equipment, and structures.

The high-pressure water jets act as a powerful force to dislodge and eliminate even the most stubborn substances. This service not only ensures the cleanliness and visual appeal of industrial spaces but also helps maintain the performance and longevity of equipment and structures

Like all our operations we have an environmentally responsible approach to High Pressure Clean & Capture.

While the high-pressure water jets clean the surfaces effectively, the service also incorporates a vital element of capturing and containing the dirty water, which is then sent for treatment at licensed facilities. This eco-friendly aspect ensures compliance with environmental regulations and showcases a commitment to sustainable practices. When water alone just won’t cut it, we utilise cleaning products made from natural, environmentally friendly enzymes.

Routine and specialised tank cleans

Evoro efficiently manage all forms of tank cleaning

Tank Cleans are another critical aspect of our industrial services offering. Tanks are used in various industries to store liquids, chemicals, and other substances. Over time, sediments and contaminants can accumulate, compromising the tank’s functionality, safety, and the quality of the stored materials. Tank Cleans employ specialised techniques and equipment to remove sediments, residue, and other impurities, thereby ensuring the tanks’ proper functioning and preventing potential hazards.

The process of Tank Cleans involves careful planning and execution to address the specific requirements of each tank type. We employ experienced professionals who are trained to handle different tank configurations, materials, and safety considerations.

By removing accumulated sediments and contaminants, Tank Cleans enhance the storage capacity, maintain product quality, and promote a safer working environment

Licensed and safe

Our team comprises smart and talented people who are dedicated to delivering the most innovative and effective solutions including EPA licensed facilities ensuring our operations meet the highest standards

Drain and pit cleaning

Drain and Pit Cleaning is a service that tackles blockages and obstructions in drains and pipes. Over time, debris, grease, and other substances can accumulate in drains, impeding the proper flow of water and causing backups. These issues can lead to inefficient drainage, foul odors, and potential health hazards. Drain and Pit Cleaning effectively clears blockages, restores proper drainage, and mitigates the risk of contamination.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal is a core service of ours which we provide to both the private and public sectors. We’re equipped to manage scheduled runs for Municipal Councils or ad hoc urgent jobs in an industrial setting. Our graffiti removal process uses a clean & capture method which ensures no harmful chemicals end up back in the environment. We utilise a enzyme based environmentally friendly cleaner for all graffiti removal works.

We can work with all of the below:

  • Removal of large murals
  • Graffiti paint outs
  • Removal from sensitive surfaces
  • Anti-graffiti coatings
  • Masonry sealing


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