Evoro operate across a range of
industries right around Australia.


Evoro works with a wide range of manufacturers to help them reduce their environmental waste impact and minimise waste sent to landfill.

We provide bins and collections as well as other industrial services such as site cleaning, tank cleans and pipe and drain cleaning.

Our 24/7 emergency spill response team ensure a safe working environment and reduce potential down time.

Transport and Logistics

We have a variety of waste management solutions for this industry sector.  Proper disposal and recycling of packaging materials is a primary service offered.  This helps reduce your environmental impact.

We also provide recycling initiatives for used oils, batteries and tyres as well the secure destruction of slow moving, obsolete or out of date product.

Our 24/7 emergency spill response handles all accidental spills of hazardous materials.

Mining and Resources

We understand the mining sectors waste management needs.  From day to day operation from general solid waste to liquid hazardous waste.  Our team provides support through large scale projects and shutdowns as well as industrial services such as hydro excavation, high pressure cleaning and capture and sludge removal.

In the mining and resource sector, we get it done.

Municipal Councils

A wide range of waste management solutions including hazardous waste removal,emergency spill response and servicing of general waste through council collection points.

Importantly, we also provide guardrail barrier including installation and maintenance across the eastern seaboard.

Scheduled works such as graffiti removal, bus shelter and public asset cleaning as we as drain and pipe cleaning round out our council service offering

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas sector have specific waste management needs and we aim to service each of them.  From general waste through to liquid hazardous waste as well as specialisation in the treatment and recycling of LNG Glycol.

Industrial services are also part of the offering including hydro excavation, high pressure cleaning and capture and sludge removal.

Retail and Hospitality

The retail and hospitality sector need a waste management solution that is robust and reliable.  We provide a complete on time service for the management of day to day waste generation, emergency spill responses as well as facility cleaning through high pressure water blasting.  For those who require grease trap pump outs, servicing and cleaning, we’ve got you covered.

Infastructure and Construction

Tough industries require tough waste management solutions.  At Evoro we help you manage all your general solid waste through to large scale construction and demolition projects.

We can manage your demolition and remediation from end to end and offer on site services such as hydro excavation, high pressure water blasting as well as drain and pipe cleaning.